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A Deeply Detailed, Immersive Fantasy World

The characters and monsters you encounter,
and the environments you explore take full advantage of immersive physics,
character AI and the latest in graphics.
Your tale unfolds in a truly immersive fantasy world.

Vermund, kingdom of humanity

Vermund is a kingdom of humanity where the Arisen rules as king.
It is the first nation the protagonist explores: built on a lush green land, the king and the nobles reside within the kingdom’s fortified city.
The town where the commoners reside sprawls around the castle.
Currently, the Queen Regent Disa supports a false Arisen.
Vermund is the scene of many conspiracies to seize the throne.

Sacred Arbor, Home of the Elves

In addition to humans and beastren, a race called elves also inhabit this world. They prefer not to interact with other races and live in the remote village of the Sacred Arbor. The elves speak their own language, which makes communication with them difficult, but there seem to be some Pawns who understand Elvish.

Battahl, nation of beastren

Battahl is a nation of beastren defined by its own unique culture.
The steep canyons in Battahl still hold ancient ruins, and cities have been constructed amidst them.
The culture, customs, and beliefs of Battahl have been nurtured by their harsh natural environment and differ from those of Vermund.
In Battahl, Pawns are seen as the source of misfortune. Instead of the Arisen,
the citizens worship the Lambent Flame to ward off calamity, with empress Nadinia at its center.